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Appointment Information

Thank you for choosing to book your appointment with Roodlane Medical Ltd.

Please take a look through 'List of Appointments' from the menu to the left of this paragraph; this will take you to a sub-categorised list of appointments.
Click on the appointment you have booked with us and you will be presented with important information and a list of items you may be required to bring to the appointment.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact the bookings team for further advice.

GP Appointment
(simply turn up for your appointment at the allotted time)

Occupational Health Appointment
(simply turn up for your appointment at the allotted time)

Psychology Appointment
(simply turn up for your appointment at the allotted time)

Medical Screening

Here is some general information to consider before you attend for your health screen at Roodlane.

Appointment time
Urine sample
Exercise ECG
3D body scan
Well-woman screening

There is also further information specific to the medical you booked in the Appointment Specific Requirements link on the left of this page.

Appointment time

Please note: if you are given the option of online form completion, there is no time allocated to complete when you arrive. Please do make sure you complete the forms before your attend.

The time you have been given for your appointment is not the time that you will consult the doctor.

If you are having tests performed such as hearing, eyesight or lung function this will be performed before your consultation time with the doctor. Please bear in mind that if you arrive late for your appointment that it may not be possible to complete everything before you see the doctor. If you are having an eyesight test please bring your glasses to the medical.

Urine sample

Please remember that you will be asked to provide a urine sample during the medical.


Historically fasting was clinically recommended before having blood taken for a cholesterol profile. Current recommendations are that prolonged fasting is no longer required as a matter of routine. However, if you have any reason to be concerned about your cholesterol level or are monitoring the effect of an intervention to lower cholesterol such as medication or specific diet a fasting sample of 6 hours may help to eliminate variable factors such as recent food intake.

If you wish to fast we suggest that you book an early appointment and delay breakfast and drink only black tea/ coffee or water before you attend. However if you have an exercise ECG then a light breakfast should still be considered. If your appointment is later in the day then there is no reason not to have a light breakfast but it is preferable to avoid a large fatty meal, a lot of sugar or alcohol in the four hours before you are due to be seen.

It is also important to attend well hydrated to improve the accuracy of other blood tests and also body fat measurement.

Exercise ECG

If you are having an exercise electrocardiogram then please bring some comfortable loose clothing and appropriate footwear that you can wear to use either the bicycle ergometer or treadmill. If you are unable to use either due to health limitations or have a strong preference then please mention this to the booking team.

3D body scan

Please wear white or light grey underwear, preferably close fitting, if you are having this scan. This will facilitate the quality of this scan, which uses light beam technology to take many accurate body measurements from head to toe.

Well-woman screening

Please endeavour to book your medical in the middle of your cycle if you wish to have a cervical smear test. Should you find that your period is going to coincide with your medical then please telephone to rearrange your appointment beforehand as we may not be able to rebook your smear test as a separate procedure as part of this screening.

If you are planning to have a routine screening mammogram then please discuss this with the bookings team to understand the procedure which will vary according to the location of your medical.

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